Welcome to the Minnesota and Wisconsin chapter of the Classic Glastron Owners Association

The largest organized group of Glastron and Glastron Carlson collectors in the world!  Registration for the 2018 meet opens February 1, 2018, please visit the Annual Meet page as more details will follow soon.

We are the premier Glastron, Glastron Carlson, and Hammond boat collectors group!  We are an active family oriented group of collectors and enthusiasts who share the common bond of a love for boating and for the early Glastron design. We gather regularly for boating events, annual club meet weekends, fellowship, social events, meals, and activities.

We support a web forum with members from around the world.  Membership is easy and free, and the forum may be accessed by clicking on this link. Please feel free to join in and become a part of the CGOAMN family.


Local gatherings are happening often.  The members of the CGOAMN are always looking to involve others in our family.   We encourage you to connect with us on the very active forum, and let us know who and where you are.  You might just find out that there are other collectors in your area.  We are a very accepting group when it comes to our boats.   We have members from all over the United States and Europe and are the largest collectors group of classic Glastron boats in the world.  We have boats in every condition, from every year, and owned by every type of person.  We encourage you to become a part of the CGOAMN family, and experience the excitment and energy that this club has to offer!

Special thanks to our club videographer, Vance Cushing for his great work!